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How to start running?

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running beginner shoes

How to start running?

By Klems, known as “the sports coach”, on October 10, 2010 (article updated on August 27, 2021)

The last time, we saw with our friend Forrest why were so many of us running? Question of pleasures, isn’t it? And there, there are all those who have banished “running” from their vocabulary, who tell themselves that running is anything but a piece of cake. It’s wrong ! It’s just a question of threshold! Enough to ? From THRESHOLD. Yes threshold, this bar that takes running from the domain of effort to that of pleasure in effort. You just have to start, get started, “Just do it”, to use the slogan of a famous equipment manufacturer. Once you have managed to pass this THRESHOLD, you will feel light and run like the wind blows. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but if you’re motivated and follow my advice, it should be fine.

A. Shoes

For running, we can do as our parents did and run with Converse sneakers or buy a pair of running comfortable with a good cushioning sole. It’s really important to have a good running shoe. Good cushioning on a running pair allows you to limit the compaction of the vertebrae, less stress on the joints and reduce the risk of tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon) and periostitis (inflammation of the periosteum (tibia)).

running beginner shoes

For our purchases, we will prefer stores specializing in running rather than large general sporting goods stores. Trust the salesperson who will guide you on the level of cushioning you need based on your weight. But above all, trust your feelings! We will keep in mind that each shoe, like each runner, is different. The main thing is to find shoes that fit!

B. Socks

We will choose our running socks carefully, and prefer special socks to cheap models. Finally, we will look for qualities of evacuation of perspiration and of course, comfort.

C. Clothing

Two options are available to us:

– Either we take what we have on hand. To caricature a t-shirt in cottonshorts of beach in summer, fleece jogging, a sweater in oldest boy and football socks in the winter. It’s not very elegantbut it happens.

– Either we buy technical and breathable clothing, such as running stockings, compression tights, fitted windbreakers says “ wind stop ”, breathable tank tops, “first skin” tops, etc. There, we will pass for a pro and we will of course benefit from the quality, lightness and comfort of these technical garments. On the other hand, in terms of design, you risk finding only plain outfits, which is a bit sad unless you opt for a brand like Sebola, for example. This French brand offers an innovative concept of eco-designed jerseys with prints combining sport and art. Finally, if we run with our girlfriend, we can advise her to wear a bra or a sports bra to ensure good support for the chest.

running beginner black and white

How to dress to run?

When you start running, you tend to focus on effort more than breathing. Which is a serious mistake because if you breathe badly, you will get less oxygen to run. Generally this bad breathing results in a change of complexion. We go from a skin color to tomato red in a few minutes. You can also suffer from side stitches, because the liver and the spleen, which dilate, struggle to drain and circulate the blood to the rhythm of the effort. So how do we breathe well?

running beginner dunes

A. Rhythm and breathing

We hear everything about breathing techniques in running, in particular that you have to focus your breathing on your strides (for example two strides for inspiration and three strides for expiration). This is completely absurd. Others say that it is necessary to make an inspiration for 3 expirations or two inhalations for 2 expirations. In my opinion, it’s not so much about rhythms as about feeling. The best is to try the different rhythms and take the one that suits you best. Don’t worry, you will find that at first you will need to focus on your breathing, but the more you run the more automatic it will become.

running beginner mountain

B. Breathing through the nose or through the mouth?

Here again, we hear several things. My opinion is that for moderate races such as jogging, it is necessary to favor breathing through the nose because the latter plays a role of natural filter against microbes and pollution. If if we do a split session (generally, we don’t do it when we start running), or if we are in difficulty during our jogging, that is to say if we have the impression of To suffocate, we opt for breathing through the nose on the inspiration and through the mouth on the expiration. If that is still not enough, you breathe through your mouth on both phases. The oxygen supply will be more important.

Whatever our style, we all know how to run, no need for jogging technique! Regarding the stride, let our nature take its course. There are certainly exercises to improve our stride and our technique in jogging, but let’s not fixate on this point if we are beginners.

A. Before and after jogging

Before each jogging, we will remember to warm up well. We start by trotting, then for about ten meters, we do 2-3 buttocks heels and knee lifts. Then, gradually we lengthen our stride for 5 to 10 minutes until we reach our cruising speed. After jogging, we will think about stretching our leg muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and glutes. We will chain two series by spending at least 30 seconds on each muscle. Don’t strain the muscles too much! You should just feel a slight stretch. You can also stretch your back and neck especially if you are tense.

To avoid aches and recover as much as possible, it will be necessary to drink water. Running can cause you to lose a large amount of water, especially through perspiration. Proper hydration is essential to maintain balance and the proper functioning of the body.

running beginner wood

B. Go gradually and reach the THRESHOLD

We’re all different. We are not all the same age, the same weight, the same sports background and the same medical history. If you’re not used to exercising, don’t start a 30-minute jog overnight! We start by gradually introducing physical exercise into our daily lives, for example by walking for about twenty minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Then, we gradually introduce moments of running during these walks, without trying to run fast; what matters is running time, not speed or distance covered. Then we try to run 20 minutes without stopping. If we are in difficulty, we must not stop completely. We walk for a few minutes and resume running when we have regained our breath. Once we have managed to run 20 minutes without stopping, we increase the duration: 22-25-28-30 minutes. Why 30 minutes? Because it is from 30 minutes of effort that we significantly burn fat and that we work effectively on the cardiovascular system.

running beginner new york

When you manage to run 30 minutes without stopping, you have done the hardest part. You are usually not very far from the THRESHOLD. To reach this THRESHOLD, all we need to do is keep running regularly (at least once a week, ideally 2-3 times) and gradually increase running time and distance. If we manage to talk for the duration of the run, our mind manages to escape, we no longer think about the effort we are providing, it’s good: we have crossed the THRESHOLD ! Be careful though not to run for more than an hour because after this time, it’s much more traumatic for the joints. In general, set achievable and, if possible, increasing goals. It’s easier to train when you feel that you are progressing.

C. Running together to motivate yourself

Unlike tennis or football, you don’t need two people to run. However, it is often more pleasant to run with someone than alone. Why ? Because there is a real emulation. It’s easier to go face the cold when you know you’re going to find a friend. When we run and we are in difficulty, our buddy can support us to help us overcome our loss of speed. If you run at a moderate pace, it can also be a moment of informal exchange between friends. If you don’t have friends interested in running, you can also call on a sports coach. It will allow us to do complete sessions with of course running, but also muscle building, warming up and quality stretching.

running beginner beach

D. Register for races

You started running to lose weight, stay in shape and then after a few weeks it was for fun. Despite all these benefits, it is sometimes difficult to maintain the same training frequency. To fight against this weariness, there is one unstoppable thing: register for a race. To start, we opt for short distance races such as 10 km. After that and a few months of preparation, we can tackle the half marathon and even the mythical marathon. This will allow us to have a concrete objective in sight and to put in place the means to give the best of yourself on D-Day. The best is to register for several, so that we have twice as reasons to train.

running beginner city

Follow a training plan for a marathon

E. Running to music

Personally, I never run with music on my ears, because I can’t concentrate on my run. But for others, the music is very stimulating. It allows the training time to pass more quickly. However, be careful what you listen to. If you listen to classical, I’m not sure it’s really stimulating. Instead, choose a playlist that boosts. It will help you go after yourself when you run out of juice!

running beginner bridge

Run to music

So much for the 2nd part of our series of articles on running. You now have all the ingredients to start running. But never forget to keep smiling and have fun with every stride! Let’s go, see you soon!

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