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Running, the basis of all sports – chronic cycling

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Running, the basis of all sports – chronic cycling

Running, the basis of all sports – chronic cycling

Running is one of the disciplines of athletics. It consists of running over more or less long distances. Race categories vary by distance traveled and speed. Before you start running, you must first set goals. This is the only way to be able to assess your progress and stay motivated.

Why embark on this discipline?

Running is the simplest, most natural and effective form of physical exercise for maintaining health. It helps to strengthen the body, develops the lungs and helps strengthen the heart. It lowers the level of lipids and increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood. In addition, running helps blood circulation and reduces stress. This thus decreases the risk of thrombosis and increases the maximum oxygen uptake capacity.

This discipline also strengthens the lower part of the body. Tendons and ligaments become stronger and stronger, which increases joint strength and stability. Fat gradually turns into muscle and leads to weight loss. Running reduces the risk of heart attack, muscle or bone injuries, high blood pressure. It also reduces the effects of asthma and diabetes on the body. It improves the immune system in general.

In short, running is beneficial in that it stimulates the metabolism, contributes to weight control and develops cardiovascular capacity. That said, be careful, because it is important to run regularly and reasonably.

Running: a way to work on physical endurance for cycling

Cycling is one of the sports that require good endurance. As a reminder, endurance is the ability to maintain a certain level of effort for an extended period of time. Several factors intervene to have a better endurance, namely the respiratory capacity (the breath), the cardiovascular capacity (the heart), the muscles and the psychology (the mind).

According to articles on, running is a springboard for gaining endurance and tenacity. As a result, those who practice cycling must do in parallel with running. The two disciplines are complementary if we want to be more efficient. With running, the cyclist has everything to gain by developing both resistance and coordination. Yes, running is one of the most effective ways to improve endurance on a bike, but it requires specific training. To improve performance on the bike, it is then necessary to train longer in races, to go further and to cover as many routes as possible.

Altitude training, combined with cycling, also improves performance and endurance. This is measured at the cardiac, respiratory and muscular level and it improves over the long term. It requires a specific training program, adapted to the physical form and as much as possible with the help of a coach.

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