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Running, an individual sport?

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Running, an individual sport?

Running, an individual sport?

Before, I saw running as a sport that we live alone, that we do not practice with others and where competition is omnipresent.

And then I registered on Instagram, I discovered a virtual world where you share your races, your times, your pains and your goals.

I got a taste for encouraging all these athletes, talking about my passion and following motivating accounts.

I used the hashtag of Happy Running Crewthis great group of people who have the same values ​​as me.
Photo: @adrien_aem

So YESrunning is an individual sport BUT which can live with several people!

Yesyou can enjoy running alone but you can also go out with friends 😀

You will see that it breaks the routine, that time sometimes passes more quickly, that the people with whom you share your race can bring you lots of great things! For example: of the motivation for you exceedof the tips for your practice and their experience can you do evolve 🙂

You too can bring them all this!

Personally, I relearned to run slower and longer thanks to friends who don’t have the same pace as me 🙂

Yet I know very well that fundamental endurance is very important to progress, but I find it difficult to regulate myself and I manage it better when I run with other people 😉

There are also group lessons in a club, supervised by a coach. From a distance, when you see the athletes on the track, you say to yourself that they are each running in their own corner, without sharing and at their own pace? FAKE.

We’ll run at our own pace, there’s not always someone at our speed but we support the difficulty of splitting up in groups, we don’t want to give up, we encourage each other, we push each other to go beyond our limits!

There is a real cohesion and no (or little) competition 🙂

The splits, all alone on a Sunday morning, I wouldn’t do NEVER the same session as Tuesday/Thursday evening in the club.

Because I don’t want to stop in front of my coach, I’m encouraged by my friends and the group atmosphere gives me willingness and motivation that I can’t find on my own.

Photo post Run in Lyon (what could be better than cheering on your friends at the end of the race?)

With running, I made new friends, I share my passion and I evolve thanks to this group atmosphere.

In addition, I always enjoy going for a run with my running colleagues!

So do not be afraid to take the plunge: go running in a crew, in a club or with your friends!

Don’t be afraid of those which go faster or slower, your differences will be your strength to progress, we always have something to learn from others 😉

If you want to run with me, I invite you to join me at the sessions of the Lyon Happy Running Crew (Facebook link here.) 😀

And you, what is your experience of group running?

See you soon,


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