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What are the benefits of running?

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sports coach tips for running

What are the benefits of running?

sports coach tips for running

Running is undoubtedly the easiest, most flexible and economical sport! Indeed, you have no time constraints, difficulties, hours or rules. A good pair of shoes, jogging, a dose of motivation and off you go, you can indulge in this sport which alone brings together many advantages. You are not dependent on someone else, nor on their level, and in addition you avoid all transport times. Finally, no prerequisites are necessary, running is accessible to all. So why should you practice this sport?

For an iron health, it is the ideal sport!

Running is proven to lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol which harms your health, helps you build strong bones and also reduces the risk of cancer. If you have diabetes, running several times a week helps reduce your disease [voir notre article à ce sujet]. In general, running can help you maintain your body’s balance, improve your spinal posture, and prevent disease. One of the benefits of running is also to promote the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system. Over time, running allows you to strengthen your heart and therefore be healthier, while improving your breathing capacity. The advantage is that when you have reached the desired weight after dieting, regular running will allow you now. The ideal would be to run 45 min to an hour about 3 times a week.

A great help for your diet!

Running allows you to improve your health, but also to lose weight. It is indeed one of the sports that will make you lose the most calories and allow you to burn bad fat. Accompanied by a sports coach to motivate you, you will lose weight quickly, while monitoring and adapting your diet.

To lose weight, you can run slowly, or use the “interval” method. You can start with brisk walking, then alternate walking and running, to reach your goals more easily and gradually.

sleep better

Insomnia has many factors, however it is often due to the fact that you are too stressed or tense. Sport, and particularly running, helps to get rid of all stress-related problems, and physical activity is very effective in helping you fall asleep better.

Relax !

As they say, a healthy mind in a healthy body! If you are looking for a sport to relieve stress, you are right. Running makes you feel better, stays positive but above all clears your head. Release your tensions and become more productive while having fun. This sport will also allow you to be much more concentrated during your work, in fact, clearing your head will help you to take a step back. In addition, running in the morning will allow you to have much more energy during the day and will stimulate your mental capacities as well as your creativity. This practice allows you to secrete adrenaline and endorphins; you will therefore be happier if you spend several hours a week running!

Meet new people while you jog!

Running is a great way to meet people. Many forums and applications exist to discuss with other enthusiasts. Share your challenges, progress and results with people, but also meet people. It’s even nicer to run together, and several apps exist for that. You will set common goals, share your advice and your adventures. But the hardest part of sports is finding great motivation, and the group effect can only encourage you to follow the movement and get out of your house to practice this exciting sport!

Learn to surpass yourself!

Practicing a sport is the ideal way to teach you how to surpass yourself and challenge yourself very easily. A new goal, a new place to discover or a new race time, and you’re motivated to surpass yourself. Nothing better than reaching your goals and giving yourself higher ones to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. Accompanied by a sports coach, you will progress at your own pace and in complete confidence, thus reducing the risk of injury, you can make an appointment with one of our sports coaches in click here !

Run for a good cause!

Many associations organize solidarity races. De-stress, motivate yourself, tone up and all for a good cause, isn’t that ideal? Large sums are raised through these good deeds, and will also allow you to participate in a group movement, meeting people affected by the cause of action.

Running has a real booster effect on both your physical and psychological health. As you have understood, running has many advantages, but it’s not over: This sport allows you to set a good example, to discover new places, or to help you quit smoking. So don’t wait any longer and get started!

The benefits of running!

The advantage of running is that you don’t need to buy any specific equipment. Apart from classic sports clothes, good shoes [voir notre article sur ce sujet] (watch out for knee shocks, ), you don’t need anything. This sport does not require any preparation, you just need to leave your home. In addition, it is not necessary to go to a gym, a big saving on a daily basis! If you live in the countryside, it is ideal for exploring unexplored corners of the surroundings. If you are in town, many structures are available to run in complete serenity, such as parks, sports courses or stadiums accessible to all. If you are more comfortable indoors, all the gyms offer treadmills, with coaches available: enough to motivate you to the fullest!

As you can see, running is the ideal sport for everyone and for all different metabolisms. Be careful not to go too hard at the start, especially if you have health or weight problems! You can start by walking briskly to condition your body.

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