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Develop your running endurance with a sports coach!

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endurance work in running on the beach

Develop your running endurance with a sports coach!

L’endurance is a physical quality inseparable from the running. Indeed, by working on this skill, you will resist more to the physical fatigueespecially during long term effort. Thus, private coaches Ownsport explain to you how it is possible toimprove your running endurance with some running workouts.

endurance work in running on the beach

Program to develop endurance in running

  • Program duration : 8 weeks.
  • Number of sessions per week : 3 – 4.
  • Required level : Intermediate, but the program remains adjustable to everyone.
  • Instructions : The program consists of do three different sessions during the week. The first is a fundamental endurance jog, the second is a split type session and the last includes a long outing. In addition, it is possible to add cross-training to your weekly plan. Don’t worry, we explain all this to you just below.
  • Distribution in the week :
    • Monday: fundamental endurance jogging,
    • Wednesday: split session,
    • Friday or Saturday: long outing session.
  • Warming up : At the beginning of each session, it is important to warm up well to prepare your body for the effort.

Session n°1: jogging in fundamental endurance

Jogging in fundamental endurance

the jogging is surely one of physical activity the most known. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find its racing pace optimal. Thus, in this article, a sports coach explains how to find your pace in order to develop your running endurance.

Session : basic endurance jogging

Jogging time: 30 to 60 mins

Pace: 60% MAV

Session n°2: interval training

Endurance in running: split session in a stadium

Typical sessions split (also called intermittent) aim toimprove your maximum aerobic speed (VMA) and so your stamina. The split then consists in chaining times of strenuous race and times of low intensity running.

Session : split session

Type of split: 2 sets of 8 repetitions 30/30 with a recovery between sets of 3 minutes.

Pace: 50% MAV / 100% MAV

Session n°3: long run

Running endurance: long outdoor run

The long outing is a good way to improve your running endurance. Like jogging, the required pace is that of fundamental endurance but with a difference, the running time! Indeed, the duration of the session will exceed approximately 1h10 (very variable according to the level).

Session : long outing running

Race time: very variable depending on the level, from 1h10 to 2h30 approximately

Pace: 60% MAV

Session n°4 (optional): cross-training

Cross-training using different disciplines

To develop your running endurance, you don’t have to just run! A session of swimmingof cycling or training your cardio in the weight room allows you to work on your endurance. In fact, this is called a cross training. Thus, we give you advice in our cross-training article.

Why develop endurance in running?

the endurance development will bring you many benefits, particularly on the pulmonary level, where you will have a better breathing ease. Moreover, a greater oxygenation of the body will lead to a decrease in physical fatigue for the same effort.

At level cardio vascularthe heart will be more efficient in bringing the nutrients and oxygen that the muscles need more quickly and/or in greater quantity, via the blood circulation and cardiac output. Then your resting heart rate will decrease.

In addition, your type I muscle fibers (to know more) will be less affected by fatigue and you will be able to hold your effort longer. In the end, you can run faster and/or more easily.

Furthermore, if you want a 100% personalized program, our sports coaches are waiting for you. Whether for a beginner level or a marathon / half-marathon pace, they will allow you to achieve your sporting goals.

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