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Some documentaries on running, to see and review! – RUN in PYRENEES


Some documentaries on running, to see and review! – RUN in PYRENEES

Do you have some time ahead of you? Yes…? So, that’s good! Sit comfortably. In this article, you will find 7 videos and nearly 8 hours of documentaries on running, athletics – road – trail. We advise you to take a good ravito, or to put this article in your favorites.

And as the passion is shared, do not hesitate to pass it on to all your friends, in your clubs or associations! Over the kilometers, you may learn a lot about running, the history of our sport, certain races or great champions. Let’s go !

The odyssey of the long-distance runner

A documentary by Jean-Christophe Rosé.
Produced by Michel Rotman and Marie Hélène Ranc.
Editing Cecile Coolen
Image Georges de Genevray
Sound Philippe Sorlin
With the participation of La Sept Arte
Kuiv Productions 1997


> Editing, comments, unpublished images, narrative, history… A great documentary! Only one regret: not having the times of the different performances.

Are we made to run?

Documentary Niobe Thompson, 2012, Arte.

The human body has evolved over millennia to adapt to long-distance running. This is the theory supported by Niobe Thompson, anthropologist and director of this comprehensive and well-constructed documentary.

According to the scientist – also a marathon runner – the human species managed to develop because it was able to run long, even very long distances. (About Pierre Lepidi, Le Monde).

> Science to explain the evolution of human beings, thanks to running!

Heart of Athletes

Hearts of Athletes is a French documentary television film directed by Régis Wargnier and Patrick Montel, broadcast in 2003.

The documentary follows three champions still active at the time of filming, the Ethiopian Haile Gebreselassiethe German Heike Drechsler and the Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj. They comment on their performances, their passion for their discipline and their country.

> An immersion in the minds of its athletes who marked their era but also athletics!


Film – documentary by Leslie Woodhead, 2000

The true story of Haile Gebreselassie, a young Ethiopian who won the 10,000m event at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. Behind this feat lies an extraordinary story, that of a man who, from the depths of the Ethiopian savannah to the highest step , runs after his destiny. Haile has few distractions, but he has dreams. His ear glued to the small radio, he vibrates to the exploits of the long-distance runners who represent his country. Miruts Yifter’s victory in Moscow in 1980 decided him to become a professional sportsman.

> The story of the great Haile Gebrselassie, released just after his 2nd Olympic title, and his career on the road.

Faster, the story of Breaking 2

Official documentary on the 2h marathon attempt by Eliud Kipchoge and his sponsor Nike in 2017.

Nike had everything set up perfectly for 2 years. A shoe designed to be efficient, the Vaporfly, incorporating a carbon blade to promote energy return. An army of the best runners in the world, including the current best marathoner Eliud KIPCHOGE. Scientists to design the perfect material, others to monitor physiological variations…

> Even if it is the first attempt under 2 hours, and the attempt was successful two years later in 2019, this documentary lived in the wake of Kipchoge and the other champions is very interesting and detailed. See the details in our article.


Unbreakable, The Western States 100 2010

Documentary JB Benna, 2012, Journey Films

In 2010, four of the world’s greatest mountain runners took part in the Western States Race, the world’s oldest and most prestigious 100-mile foot race. Although their lives may be very different, the goal is the same: to win the Western States 100 Mile race. A victory will require breaking the course record and setting the fastest time in the history of the race. An epic race!

> Follow-up of the race with testimonials. A real pleasure to find yourself 10 years back in the trail with these fabulous runners like Kilian Jornet, Anton Krupicka, Geoff Roes…

>> (April 5) Video made private, sorry…

(April 5)

Ultra Pur: Anton Krupicka, the UFO of the Trail

L’Equipe Explore, a report by Aurélien Delfosse and Régis Croizer.

The portrait of Anton Kupricka, UFO of the ultra trail, a status he owes to his rich track record but above all to the split image he conveys. That of a runner looking like a woodsman, an unclassifiable minimalist lifestyle, entirely focused on the mountains, yet over the years has become a hipster in spite of himself, a marketing object as much as a popular phenomenon. A challenge in the small world of ultra trail.

Interior Sport François d’Haène “Between earth and sky”

Followed by François d’Haène on the Grand Raid de la Réunion 2018. Thibault Payré, David Ribeiro. Canal +

> Close to the champion in his preparation, during his race, with the testimony of his adversaries… For a joint victory. Nice report as often with Interior Sport.


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